Info for Prospective Grad Students

I no longer accept graduate students. However, if your thesis or dissertation work (at any University) specifically relates to my interests and expertise in data analysis and visualization in context of ambient water quality monitoring or a related topic, I may be available to serve as a member of your graduate committee.

If you are interested in a masters in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Geospatial Sciences at HSU, please contact the relevant faculty in the Department of Environmental Science and Managementor Department of Forestry and Wildland Resources.

An alternative option which does not require you to identify an advisor and for which is not space limited, is the post-baccalaureate Certificate in Geospatial Sciences. This program is open to all applicants meeting post-baccalaureate admission requirements. The certificate program includes many of the same courses a graduate student would take but does not require a thesis. Additionally, this can be an excellent means to try out some GIS and Remote Sensing coursework prior to applying to a masters degree program.

You might also want to explore the Masters of Arts in Social Science (MASS) program in Environment and Community. This program has a cohort-based admission process taking in 20-30 students each fall. The program is appropriate for prospective students who have interests in the interactions between the human and natural environments. If desired, E&C students can include an emphasis on geospatial analysis tools as their methods component.