Geospatial Facilities

  • Spatial Analysis Lab
  • The HSU Spatial Analysis Lab (SA-Lab) is the home of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing teaching facilities at HSU. The lab supports the lab activities associated with courses in GIS and remote sensing. In addition the lab is available to HSU students involved in special projects involving GIS and remote sensing. Students gain hands-on experience in applying GIS and remote sensing technologies as tools for managing, evaluating, analyzing and visualizing spatial data.

  • Institute for Spatial Analysis

  • The Humboldt State University Institute for Spatial analysis (ISA) was established in April 2006 as a focal point for the advancement of spatial research, innovation and application. The ISA is dedicated to the expansion of spatial analysis methodologies across disciplines and the full spectrum of real world issues. We work closely with governmental, public and private sector entities to achieve this goal.

    The Institute evolved from predecessors established as early as 1995, including the Klamath Bioregional Assessment Research Project, the Spatial Information Systems Institute (SISI) and the Advanced Spatial Analysis Facility (ASAF). The ISA has grown to support a wide range of projects and activities for research involving spatial analysis and modeling. The facility serves as the focal point for graduate and faculty from across campus to effectively utilize geographic information systems (GIS) and image processing technologies in a wide variety of projects and research.

  • Other Supporting Campus Facilities

  • Department of Geography Kosmos Lab
    Geology Department GIS Lab

    McLean Computer Laboratory (Forestry and Wildland Resources)

    Sociology Data Analysis Lab